What is Insurance and The Main Seven Types of Insurance
What is Insurance and The Main Seven Types of Insurance

What is Insurance and The Main Seven Types of Insurance!

Insurance is a way to protect us from financial loss. People use risk management to prepare themselves for unexpected losses due to financial debt. Insurers, insurance companies or underwriters are usually responsible for providing insurance. When you buy an insurance policy, it is called insurance. The insured gets a contract containing all the terms and conditions called an insurance policy. To be considered insured, you must pay a premium to the insurance company. If you have suffered a loss and it is covered by an insurance policy, you can file a claim and the insurance company will pay all expenses related to the loss. Insurance can be of different types and we have discussed them in detail.

How many types of insurance are there?

You never know when life will take a sudden turn and what problems you will face. It’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Here we have shared the seven main types of insurance you can get.

1. General Insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive insurance is comprehensive. Insurance companies will provide financial compensation for loss outside of your life. So it covers liability related to car, home, health, travel, theft and others.

It clearly spells out the comprehensive insurance policy, indicating that they are responsible for covering accidents, illnesses and other damages to your home or vehicle. The economic force associated with the planned work will be easily completed.

For example, if your house burns down, you can make a comprehensive insurance claim and your policy will cover the covered losses.

2 Life insurance

The insured and the insured sign a life insurance contract that provides financial protection in the event of the death of the insured. The amount you pay as an annuity is the amount you are responsible for in financial compensation.

The application includes details of the insured’s past medical conditions such as operations, illnesses or other significant events. It also lists the names of the beneficiaries so that the death benefit can be distributed immediately. Life is considered as one of the most valuable assets for people, so life insurance is one of the things that people demand.

3. Health insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses ranging from dental procedures to surgery.

Insurance companies pay in two ways. One way is to pay for an illness or injury and the other way is to pay for the health care you receive.

In most cases, company health insurance is included as an additional benefit for employees. He will deduct the insurance premium from his salary. You should check the specific terms of the insurance policy before applying.

4. Title Insurance

Property insurance applies to fixed structures. It can be home, shop, office or anything else.

This type of insurance provides financial compensation to the insured in case of damage to the structure. This includes non-owner compensation for property damage.

It can be divided into renter’s insurance, flood insurance, home owner’s insurance and others. Every policy has certain costs. Therefore, high-value personal property may not qualify for property insurance. You should talk to the insurance company and opt for traditional insurance called Pravasi. It is specially designed for owners of expensive properties.

5. Travel insurance

Most companies that sell tickets online or book travel packages give you the option of choosing travel insurance. Policies can vary as some may also cover rental equipment, vehicles or personal property. However, basic coverage includes the cost of canceling or rescheduling travel, luggage or medical expenses. In fact, in emergency situations such as loss of passport, the cost of replacing it with a new one is covered by insurance.

6. Car insurance

Auto insurance is an insurance policy purchased by car owners to reduce the costs associated with accidental damage to a vehicle such as a car, bicycle or truck. Nowadays, the number of road accidents is very high, especially those that cause minor injuries.

So no need to burn your pocket. Apart from this, you can pay the premium and the insurance company will pay all the amount related to the accident. It depends on various factors like gender, age, driving experience, good traffic history etc.

7. Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a form of property insurance but targets specific causes of loss. Additional fire insurance can be very useful if you are planning to apply for property insurance. shall cover the cost of repair, replacement or reconstruction in case of fire damage.

There are exceptions, such as war or nuclear threats, and these are understandable. If that happens, all countries will suffer, even if immunity is granted.


Here we have covered the main types of insurance. In addition, there are malpractice, liability, and other types of insurance. There are many types of risks in our life, there are many types of insurance to suit individual needs. We suggest that you review the service benefits, rates, terms and conditions before choosing an insurance policy. ICICLombard is a good option that provides good services and covers almost all types of insurance. Also, the insurance company should provide customer support so that you can resolve your queries quickly and generate a source of insurance income.