The Truth About Shared WordPress Hosting
The Truth About Shared WordPress Hosting

The Truth About Shared WordPress Hosting

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Unlike dedicated web hosting and VPS, shared web hosting is very affordable, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $12 per month depending on the hosting company. It is the most used hosting for WordPress due to its affordable price. Unfortunately, people tend to gravitate towards buzzwords like accurate, cheap, etc. That they don’t bother to read between the lines. But the truth is, there’s a problem with sharing juice packs, and you’ll know it.

The fact is that shared WordPress web hosting is very dangerous as it can hamper your efforts. Because of its affordable hosting plans, it is aimed at small businesses, portfolio sites, and blogs. Many startups only need shared hosting. We recommend keeping costs low when starting a business, and online business is no different. Don’t spend a lot of money on VPS as a beginner, although you will find some disadvantages in shared packages.

Why is shared hosting cheaper or cheaper?

Now you might be wondering why shared hosting is so cheap. To answer these questions, here is a simple definition of shared hosting.

Shared web hosting is often used in WordPress hosting and involves multiple websites sharing one large server. Yes, when multiple websites share a server, it reduces the cost of hosting because they share the cost. The cost of the server makes sharing affordable.

Shared Web Hosting Cache:

If you see the words “free, cheap, or cheap” attached to a discount, expect to be put off – nothing is free, after all. The same applies to shared web hosting providers. The reality of this type of hosting is the provider’s marketing appeal. A look at the website’s content reveals claims like unlimited domains and bandwidth. Everything is infinite.

Nothing is unlimited in the real world, especially if the hosting is free. They use this statement to attract consumers, only then the real truth will come out. Shared hosting is an option designed for smaller websites like small businesses, bloggers, etc. If every user uses the space, the shared web host will fail. However, it works because some users use the room. You get a cheap deal and the hosting provider makes a profit. The main thing is that it is an ideal option for beginners.

However, if your WordPress site is growing in popularity and resources, the next best option is to request an upgrade.

Most hosting providers don’t even bother to tell you when you’ve reached the point where your website needs to be updated. In most cases, they only block the host account. This is a harsh reality that forces people to opt for expensive hosting options like VPS and dedicated servers. Many experienced online businesses have encountered this annoying behavior of hosting companies. This is why many experts recommend avoiding shared hosting like Plaque or using a reputable hosting company.

Importance of reputation in shared hosting:

So, the first thing to consider when it comes to shared hosting is reputation. This makes it a very good hosting company. Reputable hosting companies care about what people say. That’s because he built his reputation through hard work and didn’t let his reckless habits ruin it.

How to choose a good and reliable web hosting company:

Well, you can’t say anything without consulting. If a company has a reputation, it’s not just about service. In any case, several display features are missing. The truth is that all web hosting providers have spent a lot of time improving the features of their services, and they won’t lose anything because you won’t be using half of them.

Many people do not understand the terms of the industry, they just look at the many services offered and make a quick and ignorant decision.

To choose a reliable or good hosting provider, check their reviews and opinions. What does his name say about it? What people say about the company, good or bad. Look online for reviews of hosting companies, how good and bad are they?

Also, check out the support to see how loyal and quick the support is to answer questions and resolve issues. Support is an important factor that you cannot ignore when it comes to hosting, the support that the company provides cannot be emphasized enough if you need technical support. So, good customer support is very important to get a good experience from a hosting company. Therefore, you can rank the name of the shared hosting provider based on the quality of their customer support service.

Benefits of Shared WordPress Hosting:

Cheap hosting packages

  • Advances in technology due to competition. Many shared hosting services provide easy-to-use platforms such as cPanel, Fantastico, Softculus, etc.
  • Many reputable service providers employ highly skilled professionals. This allows users to focus on work without worrying about time and maintenance.
  • Multiple Hosting Services Offers multiple hosting services, allowing hassle-free upgrades.


  • Unlike dedicated servers and VPS servers, shared hosting packages have a relatively low response time.
  • Constant delays and delays as greedy companies control their services. When this happens, the servers of many websites go down. But if it is a reputed company, they will not be tempted to take the hosting service.

Make sure you do your due diligence before paying for or signing up for a web hosting service. Since shared web hosting is best for small businesses or startups, if you can afford it, look into dedicated web hosting or VPS hosting to avoid unexpected problems when dealing with greedy hosting providers. Together)

Finally, shared hosting for WordPress is ideal for startups and small businesses as it is affordable and you can start your online business at a low cost. Make sure you deal with a reliable service provider to avoid losing your account in the future.