Is Dry Skin Good for my Skin Here is the Complete Guide
Is Dry Skin Good for my Skin Here is the Complete Guide

Is Dry Skin Good for my Skin? Here is the Complete Guide

Regardless of gender, everyone wants to look their best. Being the largest part of the human body, the skin plays an important role in appearance. So the skin should be fresh and glowing. Everyone needs healthy and happy skin. It is true?

People use different methods to achieve perfect skin and one of them is dry brushing. In some cases, you’ve heard it before. If not, stay with us! Here’s everything you need to know.

Is the skin dry?

There is no doubt that dry skin is the way to go. Well, it’s 5,000 years old and practiced. Now it has gone in a different direction and the technology has been given a new shape.

Dry skin involves brushing dry skin with a dry brush to remove dead skin and exfoliate the skin. It has been proven to have many benefits.

Benefits of dry skin:

Dry brushing has many advantages and is clearly an age-old technique. Scientifically, this method has proven its health benefits by helping with many problems. Here are the main benefits of dry brushing.

1. Cleanses the skin

If you’re into skin care, you know about exfoliation. Naturally, cells renew themselves every 30 days and shed dead cells. Sometimes, more care is needed and this is where skin can come in handy. A dry brush will do the job effectively and the skin will be shiny.

2. Control of blood flow

The best thing about dry brushing? Improve blood circulation. When blood flow is correct, half of your problems will be reduced, as it is the main transporter in the body. Smooth blood circulation improves health in many ways. Due to the presence of blood vessels under the skin, scrubbing increases blood circulation, which keeps the skin moist and smooth.

Restores the lymphatic system

Talk about biology! You may be wondering what the lymphatic system is. The lymphatic system is part of the body’s immune and circulatory systems. Like blood vessels, lymph vessels are found under the skin. Dry brushing makes this system easy to apply. It is said to effectively support the lymphatic system.

Unbroken skin

Want flawless smooth skin? You should choose a dry brush. Reason? I will tell you!

Our skin has tiny pores that are often filled with oil or dirt. When this accumulation continues for a long time, spots and black spots form. Dry cleaning cleans small pores and removes dust and dirt from the cavity. After cleaning the pores, you can moisturize the skin and it will be great.

Pressure point therapy

Pressure points are places associated with certain parts of the body, especially the hands and feet. Pressing this point will facilitate the work of the associated area. This pressure point rigging is similar to pressure point pressure but in a better and more advanced way.

Stimulate the body

Massage or dry brushing is a great way to stimulate your body. Sometimes, people visit a nearby massage therapist to get a relaxing massage. It reduces stress and energizes the body. Plus, dry brushing allows you to experience the full power at home.

The knowledge of dry brushing

As mentioned earlier, here’s what you need to know about dry skin. This is a myth as you may have read many lies or myths about this method on the internet. People often use false information to advertise products.

For general information and your progress, you should know these myths:

1. Eliminating cellulite

Some promise that this method can get rid of cellulite and reduce fat. In fact, massage only loosens and stretches the skin for a few minutes, but does not reduce cellulite.

Don’t expect dry skin to lack oil.

2. Body hygiene

Although it is a large part of the skin, it is not the main part of the cleaning. It just removes some excess salt from the mouth. Dry skin only refreshes the skin and definitely does not cleanse the body. Purification can be done through other activities but not through cosmetics.

3. Improving digestion

Another popular belief is that dry skin improves digestion. People need to understand that circulation and digestion are two different things. Also, dry brushing can be used as an alternative to abdominal massage, but it can make the problem worse.

How dry is the skin?

You need to educate yourself before trying anything new. We don’t want to get into any more trouble, do we?

If you choose to have dry skin, learn the right way to get the ultimate results without the risks.

1. Choose the right brush

Make sure the brush is dry and don’t use a pointed brush, as this can cause light marks. Choose a brush that suits your skin type.

2. Right Method!

The proper brushing technique is to go in a circular motion, not back and forth. It is advisable to start with the feet and work your way up to the body.

3. Dry cleaning instructions

Make sure your skin is dry. The best time to dry brush is before showering and always use a moisturizer to preserve your skin’s natural oils.

What are the dangers of dry skin?

Better to be sorry! Do not try to dry exfoliate if you have sensitive or sensitive skin, as this can lead to a skin infection.

On the other hand, if the skin is damaged or broken, by all means allow the exfoliation to dry, as this can become a potential infection zone.

Is dry skin good for my skin? That’s for sure! But only if you do it right and at the right time.

Experts say that it should not be done twice a week. Keep massaging your skin for best results and soon your skin will be blemish free, blemish free, glowing, vibrant and glowing.

Dreaming of perfect skin is not a dream. It really works!