Choosing a Mobile Phone Insurance Plan Complete Beginners Guide
Choosing a Mobile Phone Insurance Plan Complete Beginners Guide

Choosing a Mobile Phone Insurance Plan [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

Investing in a modern mobile phone is not easy. You struggle day and night to buy your dream iPhone. Since cell phone prices are on the rise, buying a good cell phone is an unexpected boon. But the fact is that many people do not know. Imagine buying a new cell phone with your hard earned money and the next moment it’s gone? It doesn’t look good! Buy the right cell phone insurance plan to protect your cell phone from sudden loss. What is surprising? In fact, a worst-case scenario cell phone insurance plan can be your savior. It can also save you from unexpected expenses if your cell phone gets damaged or broken. The best part? With a cell phone insurance plan, even if you use your cell phone carelessly, you don’t have to worry about any damage. Below we have shared a detailed guide on how to choose the right mobile phone insurance plan.

Why choose a mobile phone insurance plan?

Before introducing the best device protection plan, we must analyze why the right mobile phone insurance plan can save us from drowning.

Cell Phone Insurance Plans There are many reasons to protect your phone. People who own premium cell phones like the iPhone are generally more picky about their cell phones than those who own a regular cell phone. The truth is clear. Buying an iPhone is hard work, so many people associate buying an iPhone with “selling a kidney.” Cell phones are very powerful these days. The latest innovations in technology are appreciated.

With premium smartphone components that are heat, water and shatter resistant, people don’t care about protecting their phones. However, if you buy a mobile phone insurance plan, then theft or theft will not cover you. The insurance provider will charge in addition to the total number of insured calls. Found it interesting? Now you know the importance of protecting your cell phone with a good cell phone insurance plan. Let’s take a look at the best mobile insurance plans for your mobile phones.

Top warranty and cell phone insurance plans

1: AppleCare+ insurance plan

As mentioned above, buying an iPhone is expensive. A standard iPhone will cost a buyer around $800 or more. Would you invest in a great product and do nothing to protect it? If not, you have the wrong method which can cause serious problems. To protect yourself from such situations, your first step is to get a protection plan in the form of an insurance policy.

With such a large number, the good news is that Apple can offer a corporate protection plan for your mobile phone in AppleCare+. AppleCare+ is the most common insurance plan offered to consumers by mobile service providers.

This plan is one of the best plans you can choose to protect your mobile phone. AppleCare+ provides full warranty. From quick claim settlement to great customer service, it offers a mobile insurance plan you can’t afford to miss.

Isn’t that enough? AppleCare+ covers the full set of accessories that come with your phone. For example, headphones, chargers, airbags and batteries will be repaired if damaged.

2: Samsung Protection Plus and Moto Care Plan

According to statistics, more than 40 percent of people have an iPhone as their phone. The report said that many people are using iPhone. What about the other 60 percent?

Some of them are Samsung users and others have standard Vodafone or Motorola smartphones. Are you one of them? Yes, Samsung Protection Plus plan is the best option to protect your mobile phone. This mobile phone insurance plan that provides full coverage for two years from the date of purchase can be very useful for all Samsung customers. The best part? The cost of this insurance plan is not high. The amount you pay may be less than the original price of the iPhone. Additionally, Moto Care Emergency Protection Plan and Mobile Protection Extended Service Plan are mandatory for Motorola customers.

What plans does the service provider offer?

In addition to branded cell phone insurance plans, some private companies offer device protection services called carrier-provided plans. Some reputable companies like T-Mobile and AT&T may offer cell phone insurance plans that can cover physical and technical damage to your cell phone. Surprisingly, the mobile phone insurance plans offered by the service providers are not expensive. A typical plan with T-Mobile will cost less than $10. Depending on the condition of the device, product damage will be covered. The question you want to ask is, am I not satisfied with this cell phone insurance plan?

This is where third-party plans come in handy

Third-party plans are company cell phone insurance plans that rely on companies or service providers other than regular insurance providers.

There are many people who rely on third-party plans for mobile security. Geek Squad is a widely accepted insurance plan that offers low copays and claims.

Which mobile phone insurance plan should I choose?

After reading all the brief details about popular cell phone insurance plans, you must have some questions in your mind. To choose the best plan, you need to compare the price, the commitment offered and the term of the insurance plan. Be persistent and choose the best plan carefully. Good morning!